Intelligent Process Automation

A reputed US MNC wanted to adopt a scalable and reliable workflow-enabled solution to streamline its license management, compliance, and data management processes. The client partnered with InovarTech for an intelligent process automation framework implementation to maximize operational efficiency and productivity.

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The Challenge


The company’s operations largely revolved around managing government-regulated licenses and staying compliant with their transmission data. Managing, tracking, and updating license and compliance-related status was challenging as information was stored in disparate systems. They required a solution to optimize end-to-end business processes, eliminate defects and rework efforts, and integrate all other subsystems. They partnered with our Intelligent Process Automation team to develop a single unified platform.

    The Solution

    To digitize the entire process, Inovar’s Cloud computing service and software development experts proposed an end-to-end workflow solution to streamline business support systems, enhance the end-user experience, upgrade data quality and reports, optimize process steps and eliminate rework scenarios. The innovative solution would intelligently track individual processes, provide crucial time alerts and failure notifications, and adhere to the escalation matrix. It involved next-generation technology like hybrid cloud deployments, Kubernetes clusters, data lakes, and an event-driven and intelligent data platform.


      Enhanced Business Process With Automation

      Once the system was operational, the Customer witnessed significant improvement in regulatory and governance-related processes and enhanced data visibility and overall business process. Our solution ensured the entire lifecycle management of sites could be operated via a serverless event-driven engine. It helped the architecture stay proactive and keep up with any future changes in the process without making any drastic code changes/upgrades. What started as a workflow automation solution proved to be an intelligent platform that assisted in optimizing business processes.



      We developed reliable systems for improved decision-making in network management, including accurate real-time alerts and data analytics. Analytics improved site compliance by 40%, and automated feasibility checks increased efficiency to 80%, freeing up 50% of bandwidth and eliminating rework efforts.

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