Automation Redefines Work Order Management

A prominent laboratory specializing in testing and certifying electromagnetic interference in devices required an automated platform for streamlined workflows and operations. The client partnered with InovarTech for an Intelligent Process Automation solution that helped them automate and manage work orders from creation to completion.

  • SharePoint Platform
  • IPA Best Practices
  • Work Order Software
  • SharePoint Integration

The Challenge


They were experiencing challenges with their manual/email-based system, which made tracking requests and fulfilling orders difficult. EMI testing involves multiple steps, including test setup, device positioning, signal generation, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Coordinating these steps manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Their communication systems were disconnected, and their data management system was faulty due to inaccurate data entry. They had months of backlogs as they received hundreds of job requests daily. They faced visibility issues while tracking request progress due to inefficient scheduling.

    The Solution

    InovarTech provided SharePoint development solutions to effectively bridge the gap between the customers and the work order processing, ensuring enterprise-grade security on all fronts. The team came up with innovative architecture where they created a public portal for customers, which connected to SharePoint on-premises through a Power Automate workflow and an on-premises connector to SharePoint. Customers could register and log on to the portal to create and manage requests. The portal was primarily used for requisition, questions, clarifications, and providing updates. Lab staff used Teams and SharePoint-managed services and other Office 365 tools to get notifications and process work requests promptly. Intelligent Process Automation Services helped them conduct manual tasks like quote generation, invoice generation, and final report creation efficiently.


      Revolutionizing Efficiency

      The new automated system gave them clear real-time insights regarding the progress of customer requests and pending and completed tasks. Their customer response time improved significantly with the streamlined work order system. By implementing an automated work order management system tailored to the laboratory's EMI testing needs, the facility experienced enhanced operational efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction. The system enabled seamless coordination, resource optimization, and timely delivery of reliable certification results for electronic devices.



      By incorporating InovarTech’s intelligent process automation solutions, our client improved customer response time from days to minutes. They could deliver reports within a day with real-time insights into work orders which took them almost a month. The new system handled increased demand and growing project complexity without compromising efficiency and security.

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