Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

A healthcare facility had difficulty conducting assessments and maintaining accurate records during the Covid 19 Pandemic due to a lack of staff, as caregivers were themselves affected by COVID-19. The facility partnered with InovarTech for an intelligent automation solution to expedite manual tasks.

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The Challenge


One of the biggest challenges for this healthcare facility was undertaking symptom analysis, assessments, and patient registration processes. The facility struggled with maintaining up-to-date and accurate patient records due to manual data entry, leading to errors, duplication, and missing information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, only a few healthcare workers were available in the clinical centres, and others had to work remotely; hence manually entering patient information was challenging for the institution. Another hindrance they encountered was setting up permission structures and restricting access to patient records to specific user groups within the facility.

    The Solution

    To overcome these challenges, InovarTech's expert team presented them with Power Platform Consulting solutions that helped them streamline their tasks by eliminating multiple steps involved in data management. Intelligent process automation permitted the staff to work remotely during the pandemic. Our Big Data consultants helped diagnose symptoms and gave projections for workforce management to help handle the load better. Integrated data and automated reporting improved communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. The system helped generate comprehensive patient reports with medical history, symptoms, assessment results, and treatment recommendations.


      Effortless Efficiency 

      With the new and improved system, healthcare workers could maintain data security, streamline operations, and remotely undertake tasks effortlessly. The Power Platform development team provided an automated assessment solution for more comprehensive data acquisition with integrated remote access. Intelligent process automation services helped patients easily access lab test results and other medical information online without physically visiting the health centre. The new functional system uses a check-in process that allows staff to identify and treat patients quickly and efficiently.



      The automated data management system helped them reduce time spent on paperwork by 45%. We provided a cohesive and efficient solution that improved their response time across five states by more than 90%. The integrated double-entry system significantly reduced errors and discrepancies. The new system gave way to improved patient care and enhanced operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

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