Automated Goal Management

A reputed US Client faced the challenge of managing and tracking goals across departments. As the team expanded and projects multiplied, manual goal-setting and tracking became increasingly tedious and error-prone. InovarTech equipped them with an automated goal management system to address inconsistencies in operations.

  • SharePoint
  • Power Platform
  • Automation Integration
  • Power BI Integration

The Challenge


Their primary requirement was an efficient workflow system to automate the development and tracking of projects and processes, covering each step from start to finish. Another challenge was coordinating with various stakeholders to obtain permits and approvals. However, relying on email and Excel files led to inefficiency and delayed results. Lastly, data analytics presented a final obstacle. The department generated extensive data about its health, progress, coverage, and compliance every week. A streamlined system was necessary for receiving visual insights into collected data to make informed decisions.

    The Solution

    We proposed a SharePoint solution with Power Platform. SharePoint managed services helped them create a data management system for their entire department. We used Power Platform Services to create a Goal management system to streamline information processing. It was configurable for each team and zone, creating a perfect solution to achieve fortnightly targets and goals. Employees and managers received automated notifications and reminders for goal updates, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups. We opted for Power BI to create their centralized reporting system, integrated into SharePoint Portal. Power BI dashboards generated real-time reports providing visual insights into goal progress across departments.


      Embracing Innovation

      The robust and innovative platform redefined user experience with cutting-edge features and functionality. Advanced analytics provided insights into goal achievement rates, highlighting areas of success, and identifying potential bottlenecks. The streamlined process helped them manage data collection, feedback, and three levels of approval efficiently. After implementing these technological changes, the organization witnessed prompt and accurate data collection and efficient management of the approval process. Automation empowered our client to navigate complex challenges and thrive in a competitive landscape, driving success through efficient goal management.



      InovarTech's automated goal management system helped them achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity. It gave them visual insights into the progress of each task and led to improved planning. The market-level reporting feature helped them make data-driven decisions effectively.

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