Bridging Gaps With Process Automation

A manufacturing firm was facing challenges managing purchase requisition and approval process statuses. Since seven to eight teams were involved in the process, managing, and tracking the progress of each request was challenging. Our Intelligent automation team helped them create an efficient solution for accelerated operations.

  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps Portals
  • SharePoint Platform
  • Automation Strategy

The Challenge


They faced hindrances in tracking and managing requests as several teams were involved in the process. The company faced difficulty managing extensive data that was spread across multiple Excel sheets and emails. It caused confusion and inconsistencies in operations. There were no insights from stakeholders on the progress of the requisitions. The client needed an effective system to improve customer satisfaction.

    The Solution

    We equipped them with Power Platform solutions, which was ideal for them. InovarTech connected its SharePoint system with the help of PowerApps and Power Automate. We connected disparate systems and created a streamlined process automation system that required three simple steps. Our team helped develop an intelligent process automation system with a unified notification system that sends out reminders, escalates urgent requests and provides accurate status of individual requests. The new system allowed customers to stay updated on the progress of their requests and prevented any request from falling through the cracks.


      Streamlined Success

      The new system helped the company address requests promptly and accurately. They could enhance overall productivity and conveniently track and prioritize important tasks. The impact of this solution was significant. The notification, reminders, and escalation processes were brought under one umbrella, making it easier to manage and track. The company was able to improve its SharePoint system's ability to collect and process information, leading to greater efficiency and productivity for the team.



      The system helped the client meet 100% of customer requests. With insight from PowerApps into requests status, the team could prioritize tasks and ensure they were on track. They worked with increased coherence and productivity due to improved SharePoint solutions.

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