Seamless Cloud Migration Solutions
At Inovar, we believe cloud migration is a transformative process that empowers businesses to utilize maximum benefits of cloud computing. Our team can assist your organization in making a smooth and successful transition to the cloud.
Cloud Performance Assessment
We ensure that our clients weigh-in on the following considerations:
  • Assessment of Current IT Infrastructure.
  • Security Compliance.
  • Data management and governance.
  • Performance Expenditure Analysis.
  • Continuous Improvement through reviews and assessment.
Cloud Migration Strategy Development
We follow a comprehensive Cloud migration strategy. We will help you set clear goals and running costs. We will help you choose the best Cloud solution and address technical debt to reduce ownership costs by 25%. We implement Cloud FinOps to reduce Cloud consumption and operations by 40% and improve cloud investment efficiency by up to 30%.
    Migration Planning
    Whether it is migrating to a new cloud provider, or adopting a cloud-native architecture, a well-thought-out migration plan minimizes disruptions, ensuring enhanced performance, cost-efficiency, and improved business agility. We help you simplify application migration by following the 5R strategy-
    • Rehost
    • Re-platform
    • Refactor
    • Repurchase
    • Retire
    Why Us
    Our team can help you navigate through the Cloud Migration Process and offer valuable insights and advice to help you derive maximum benefits of the cloud. Book a free consultation with us today.
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