Strategy Services

Inovar helps businesses translate their intended experiences into actual interactions between its people and services. We reimagine the digital future of businesses by aligning brands with their envisioned strategy and values

A Cohesive digital transformation strategy lead to high performing teams!

Has your organization accumulated generations of technologies and experience that are now hindering your business? We have expertise in transforming your business capabilities as consumable services and applications which people love to use.

Our Strategy Projects can

  • Developing a strategically aligned digital transformation roadmap along with an in-depth analysis to predict possible risks and ensure desired results.
  • Transform your user experience strategy and your brand positioning aligned with your business goals.
  • Define and execute a cloud first strategy that accelerates your business growth.
  • Reimagining your current digital technology landscape with the cloud native technology solutions.
  • Work with you on Portfolio analysis, operating and governance models.

Strategy Services

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Strategy

    Fostering a successful digital future

    • Aligning with your brand strategy and positioning by bridging the gap between your current standing and the envisioned future
    • Understanding your business ecosystem & digitization needs at every level
    • Reviewing the strength of your digital Infrastructure
    • Advising digitization & modernization initiatives to improve key metrics
    • Developing a strategically aligned digital transformation roadmap along with an in-depth analysis to predict possible risks and ensure desired results. 
  • User Experience Strategy

    The guidelines for achieving organizational objectives

    One of the key components of a successful business, User Experience lies somewhere between design strategy and a great business strategy. Inovar helps locate that meeting point to create digital business strategies that are based on the long- and short-term User Experience goals of the business.

    • Collaborative workshops for business stakeholder to define User Experience Goals
    • Mapping User Experience goals with Business goals
    • Identification of long and short-term design goals
    • Defining the User Experience Strategy/Design Roadmap
    • Setting up an in-house User Experience team for execution
    • Periodic UX audits
  • Technology Strategy

    Unlocking Technology Innovation

    Our abilities in strategy, design and technology positions us at intersections where we derive insights. that help us shape interaction and develop integration.

    • Analysing the business problem, the product/service & impact of the solution
    • Choosing the best technology stack to achieve the required scale, speed & security
    • Evaluating cloud infrastructure (server / serverless) needed to run the system
    • Constructing the application frontend & backend to identify what information is saved / computed locally & what travels all the way to the cloud & how frequently & securely
We've been working together with Inovar Tech for more than 1 year now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Inovar Tech has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them.
- Amit Majumdar, CEO, Pixentstudio