Design Services.

We deliver creative and radical design tools and methods as practical solutions! All of our designs are user centered, brand and customer focused and built to deliver tangible results.

Good experiences lead to great businesses.

We are a design thinking lead technology consulting company. We strongly believe that in today’s world without great user experience no product or solution can to be successful. Our approach to solving a problem always starts with putting users at the center. We empathize with them, understand their pinpoints, and then build a delightful experience for them.

Our Design Projects Can

  • Help you truly understand who your users are, what they need and how they need it.
  • Align your business goals with users’ goals and create an omnichannel experience strategy that can help you get more traction.
  • Fast track your Digital Transformation journey by crafting right experience across all your digital touchpoints.
  • Build a design system that helps you to seamlessly scale as your product or solution grows.
  • Our Rapid prototyping, and Guerrilla usability testing can help you to test any ideas, concept before spending lot of time, effort and money in building it or taking it to the market.

Design Services

  • Service Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Service Design

    Seamless Experience Across Touchpoints

    Great designs come to life when the user is at the heart of it. At Inovar, we take a holistic approach to create best design experiences which are relevant, competitive & user-friendly. We go from A -Z, right from branding to identifying the micro-moments that take the user experience to the next level.

    • Portraying Customer Journey maps to understand how your customers reach the end goals and if not, then why!
    • Tackling issues that attack the branding of your Organization.
    • Creating Digital Marketing Collateral to promote your brand.
    • Drumming up your Digital Product Design & Web Sites to ensure your digital presence stays flawless.
    • Creating a Social Media strategy to create and curate engaging content and ensure you stay active while connecting with customers.
    • Engaging SEO to increase the quality and definition of your website.
  • User Experience Design

    We Ideate, Create & Deliver; Faster

    Fueled with the power of disruptive design thinking, we provide immersive human-focused solutions with maximum impact. From exploring a myriad of ways in which a problem can be solved and creating solutions quicker, to having you drool over slick menu transitions, or the way amazing animations come alive, experience it all with Inovar.

    • User Research to evaluate the impact of designs on users.
    • Understanding User Persona to represent your actual users.
    • Interaction design wherein the design element goes above and beyond for the sole purpose of gaining insights to the way users interact with it.
    • Visual Experience Design to considerably improve user experience.
    • Highly functional Interactive Prototype.
    • Usability testing to evaluate the way users use the system.
It’s said that; when going gets tough, tough gets going. This aptly applies for Mr. Apratim who is not just a great epicentre of advanced technologies but also understands the business side of it with equal ease.
- KK Jain, Founder, Anytimeloan