Turning Ideas into Reality

Here at Inovar, we are committed towards standing by our customers in every step of their digital journey right from ideation, design to actual delivery of the final product!

What our clients think of us


RJ Naugle


I can personally count on one hand the number of firms that I can depend on from a sales and delivery perspective. Inovar fills both of these buskets and is definitely one of those that stands apart from the fray.


KK Jain


It’s said that; when going gets tough, tough gets going. This aptly applies for Mr. Apratim who is not just a great epicentre of advanced technologies but also understands the business side of it with equal ease.

How we do it

Design lead, delivering
full stack.

Our philosophy is straightforward; We use design thinking process simply because it puts human needs first, and build products centered around these needs.

Inovar delivers state of the art smart solutions through its Consulting evangelists who help businesses identify and integrate emerging technologies and software initiatives that create a trusted customer experience and camaraderie.

Let the results do the talking

Not convinced yet? Here are some of our successfully completed operations to prove we grind for our results!