Intelligent lending platform

A FinTech Application system that stands the test of dynamic market situations and technology updates!

The Application to Level Up!

The vision was for Inovar to help create a patent platform to enable Peer to Peer lending. Inovar aligned IT with the business and focused on technical diversity, business continuity and maximizing ROI.


Our Strategy

Ready to serve, 24x7!

Inovar brought in a robust Disaster Recovery and Failover system which supports their need to be available 99.999% time.

Better safe than sorry.

With Security being a major concern, Inovar proposed a top of the line ‘OAuth’ and ‘OpenID’ platform with multiple levels of security along with a military grade encryption backed by Industry standard network defense mechanism. 


The Opportunity to Level Up!

Inovar made use of Microservices, because of its value with regards to agility, scalability and availability. We proposed a complete open source stack which is performant and blends in a mix of cutting-edge technology like Kubernetes, Secure API management, messaging queues, managed databases, integrations handled by serverless architecture.

Creating an environment with optimum co-operation

A Devops system was proposed to manage the entire workflow. A React based responsive front end and PowerBI based analytics system was also incorporated. Inovar also integrated a Dynamic CRM to streamline the customer and ticketing management system.

Our Portfolio