Intelligent Process Automation

We provided technical solutions to United States’ leading telecommunication and wireless provider to ensure effortless and uninterrupted operations.

Improved technology to manage communication and work flow

For the Telecom giant, managing the licenses allocated by FCC and staying compliant was one of the biggest challenges. With information coming in from different channels and departments, it was exceedingly difficult to manage and track the licenses and their compliance related status.

To achieve their vision of a scalable workflow enabled solution to manage this process, they partner with us to provide technology recommendation as well as to develop and maintain the system.


Our Approach

Pioneering the Plot

To digitize the entire process, we proposed an end-to-end workflow application which will take care of the following.

  • Streamline business support systems.
  • Improving experience for the end user.
  • Transform and improve Data quality and reporting of data.
  • Optimize Process steps and remove rework scenarios.
  • Complete tracking of Individual process and following escalation matrix.
  • Deploy next generation technology hybrid cloud solution for data security and access control.

Boosted business process with serverless engines

The entire lifecycle management of sites would be done by a serverless business workflow engine. It helps the architecture stay proactive and help keep up with any future changes in the process, without the need to make any major code changes/upgrades.

Reducing complexities

Post the system was made operational, Customer has seen results in multiple avenues. What started as workflow automation solution, resulting huge cost savings, and optimizing end to end process.Some the key results area are as follows:

  • Enabled 5G network through better data analytics and agile software development of tools using FCC data to better make network decisions.
  • Provided ability to visualize and monitor network on a national level and generate real-time alerts for failure notifications.
  • A 40% improvement in site/signal compliance achieved through analytics capability added for Spectrum.
  • Automated feasibility check for microwave sites, helping them attain 80% efficiency in understanding microwave tech and stop rework effort, freeing up 50% bandwidth
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