Digital Event Management Platform

Serving the end customers via the website and mobile app. We also tended to content editors, who fed live content update and game results that came through an dedicated web-app and were pushed to the front-end website and the mobile app, so users could follow results in real time!

Inovar joined hands with multi-sport event organiser for wounded to handle end to end tech!

Managing a para-Olympic event with ex-military forces as known as warriors joining from 9 different countries is not an easy task. Whether it’s managing the event scheduling, support systems volunteers and not to mention game day activities. With rudimentary systems and a static web page, challenges of sport event organiser became even more severe. Most of their tasks were manual or excel based data management, impacting operations, efficiency, and end user experience.

Inovar extended the hand of their expertise to the multi-sport event organizer for wounded warriors to recreate entire IT infrastructure and data management system applying next-gen technology solutions right from end user engagement to secure and scalable backend systems for managing their whole IT operations.


The Smart Idea

The ability to handle masses!

Our strategy was to bring the design, development, and operations under a single roof to serve a comprehensive digital solution for the entire sport event management process.To make this strategy successful-

  • Our Human centred design approach involved a comprehensive research on users, which included carefully scripted and targeted interviews of stakeholders, organizers, and end users to understand needs, goals, and expectations.
  • We learned established IT processes, infrastructure, technology subject matter experts, data limits and controls related to the event and athletic PII data.
  • Our DevSecOps approach to engineering ensured continuous and secure delivery of the platform.
  • We also fuel their back-end tech with AWS cloud-hosted custom systems, for serving a user base of over 50,000!

Handling logistics like a boss!

Our customized mobile app with its comprehensive mapping solution was able to guide users toward various vital sites like game centers, medical tents, food stalls and the like.

Serving users of all
kinds, in every way

The new platform experienced success and improved operations agility from multiple avenues. The whole digital event management platform led to a positive response from the below aspects—

  • Tracking and managing events become 60% efficient than before with the new scalable platform and a customized mobile application. Now users can easily track the performance rank, and progress of their favourite warrior as well as get a prior notification for any upcoming event.
  • Live content updates and instant game results brings the opportunity to follow results in real-time!
  • The new design approach and smart digital techniques improve navigation and enhance user satisfaction.
  • We were also able to do dramatic improvements in site visibility and ranking.
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