IoT Driven Logistics Platform

AI Powered Fleet Management Solution

The SaaS Solution

With this SaaS solution, we gave fleet operators ways to predict demand, optimize vehicle usage and improve gave them real time tracking from both fleet operators and consumers perspective.


Fleet management backed by Machine Learning

One Single Platform

We aimed at bringing in all stakeholders including Markets, Warehouses, Traders, Ports, and Truckers on a single virtual platform and create an open market place for people to freely trade on demand.

Challenging the status quo

Who make sure this is a planet ready solution, we also had to keep in mind the experience we create for the end users, security, scalability and availability of the system and most importantly how much human control we provide to all the AI based algorithms which runs the system.


Ready. Set. Launch!

The system went live with 1000 vehicles and was able to show case a 30% operating efficiency with 3 months of the launch. In the deployed region several vehicle operators saw the performance on the system and the benefits it can provide and they unanimously agreed to use this platform for all the their vehicle movement.

The intelligence needed for optimal performance

With Microsoft Azure IoT, application and machine learning services we were able to build a connected platform which was able not only gather data efficiently but generate intelligence as it was used. With stream analytics and event hubs capturing data as it happened, the used data was then used in a data bricks platform to generate insights. These insights were utilized in different parts of the system booking, scheduling, predict maintenance cycles and so on. These insights were also collated and organized with intelligent dashboards with the help of PowerBI.

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