Smart Digitization for Spatial data Management

Making Spatial Data Survey uncomplicated.

The Smart tool

Stell Environment is an environment consulting and planning company involved in variety of environment related federal projects. For their spatial data surveys, we provided them with a tool which transformed their work and made it effortless.


Smart Digitzation

Bringing Technology to guide the way

Spatial surveys and mapping are usually done by walking the accessible areas on foot. Not all the conditions are perfect so carrying a bunch of tools along with sensors and documenting instrument adds to the trouble. With the help of tablets, external sensors were able to reduce tool requirements to 80%.

Delving in the details

Surveyors play a central role in this whole process, from planning and construction to engineering and land boundary determination. During discovery, it was clear that we need to make it effortless for the surveyors, whether it’s to capture data, work in remote part of the country or reducing the amount of machinery required.


Experience First!

The solution dramatically improved their day in life, removing redundancy, improving accuracy and efficiency. Most importantly the solution suited their working style and focus on the work. We even added a checklist and knowledge base section to ensure they have all the information they need at a touch of their fingers.

Innovative miniaturized solution

The goal was to put the entire solution in the palm of the surveyor and utilize all next gen tech available to ensure there is no compromise. We proposed was an iPad application, leveraging features like GPS, Camera and other sensors and third party device extension to make data collection as automated as it can be. Geo spatial capabilities were essential, so was making sure the application can go totally offline as most of the remote areas lacked internet. This whole process was back with a differential sync engine which ensured no information is lost.

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