Youth Serving NGO Gets A Technological Uplift

The world’s largest Youth-serving NGO, delivering hands-on, immersive learning to more than 10 million young people each year, was experiencing teething problems across all spectrums of business. InovarTech provided end-to-end strategy consulting on their IT setup, which included Cloud consulting, security, and access control.

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Azure Platform
  • Office 365 Security
  • DevSecOps

The Challenge


The NGO had invested in technology, but they were underutilizing it. They could not harness technology effectively in their operations, which was a major concern in their infrastructure. Since the end users of the customer application were external, they required a well-defined security plan to succeed. The organization lacked knowledge and experience in integrating technology with business scenarios.

    The Solution

    InovarTech provided expertise to achieve a specific outcome of enhancing usage of the current technology landscape and using its functionality to the maximum potential. Research and propose Microsoft best practices to optimize technology usage. Enhance the security of the IT landscape. Propose improvements in the overall process to ensure the solution meets the current requirements and remains futuristic.


      Tenets Of End-To End Strategy Consulting

      InovarTech provided End-to-end strategy consulting services for security, identity, process, governance, and maintenance. We proposed a security architecture with measures at different levels and implemented the Zero Trust model. OCTA was proposed for identity and Azure Development Services for maintenance issues. We also provided solutions for the customer's existing tech stack. We emphasized reaping the benefits of the Azure platform, multifactor authentication, access management, Office 365 security, RBAC and Data Loss Prevention and Azure monitoring for better maintenance. Process-related problems were dealt with using DevOps management and related tools. We adopted best-in-class quality assurance and rollout processes to ensure a stable environment.



      InovarTech has suggested process improvements and deployments to enhance end-user adoption and usability. Our End to end-to-end strategy Consulting resulted in 36% optimal utilization of technology, that was underutilized. The expected reduction of 28% of O&M cost leveraging the automation and technology enhancement proposed by InovarTech. More than 40% of the increase in user adoption of technology in their respective business. Drastic reduction in potential security breaches considering the security options proposed by InovarTech.

        Case Studies
        Case Studies
        Case Studies
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          Inovar assisted a US MNC with a scalable and reliable workflow-enabled solution.

        • Automation Redefines Work Order Management

          Inovar provided a prominent laboratory with an efficient process automation platform.

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          Inovar developed a dynamic, secure, and user-friendly portal for an e-commerce client.