Smart City Solution

With homelessness on the rise, the City of Seattle needed a dynamic and efficient technological solution.


With homelessness on the rise, the City of Seattle needed a dynamic and efficient technological solution.

With the Pronged Approach

Homelessness is one of the biggest challenges/drawbacks for the west coast seaport city of ‘Seattle’. The City of Seattle’s Navigation Team and the Seattle Police Department were in great trouble to find shelter for more than 10,000 homeless people. From managing Encampment areas to connecting and following up with homeless citizens, their entire process was manual which created additional burden for the Mayor’s Office and associate members.
Inovar was presented with the challenge to develop an integrated process automation solution by building a customized application called ‘NavApp’ to combat the homelessness crisis and backend their IT setup in real-time. What they needed was a dynamic and efficient technological solution.

Spot, and report!

Find Shelter for those without

With our Design Led Approach we were able to propose a comprehensive solution sitting on Dynamics 365.

  • Helping fields agents with an efficient and connected solution was the first priority. It was important to manage identity and vital records for people experiencing or at risk or experiencing homelessness.
  • Data was key, for which several data sources like HMIS and others needed to be integrated and deduped.
  • Visualization the homeless population data on a city level and ability to monitor and mark new encampment area was critical as it gave visibility to how large was the problem.
  • Final important was to bring in different team in a coherent workflow to improve the operation efficiency of the entire task force.

Increased visibility to the situation at hand

Our customized web application and data-driven software solutions connect the dots of the city’s system to help people navigating towards various vital sites along with encampment areas.


Combating Homelessness

Once the CRM based App was Developed, it efficiently helped the City of Seattle to combat homelessness.

  • NavApp improved on field activity accuracy and efficiency by more than 40%.
  • It was able provide accurate and real-time information about the Encampment Sites by using Geo Spatial Mapping.
  • Ability to quickly reconcile information and provide housing provision on the go was one of most celebrated feature.
  • Turnaround time for cleaning up sites and other verification activity reduced by 25%.